Who We Are
Beth's Baked Goods is a home-based
baking business.

I have always loved to bake, and have been
baking goodies and giving them to family
and friends for years.  Everyone always
told me I should go into business ... and now
I have!

So if you love homemade baked goods but
don't have the time (or desire or talent)
to make them yourself, let me do it for you.
All of our products are 100% homemade,
using only fresh ingredients (no
preservatives).  Everything is  
made-to-order, so you get what you want.  
That includes 100% vegan products for our
vegan friends, and gluten-free for the

Let us know if there is something you can't
eat (due to food allergies, diabetes, etc.),
and we will do our best to accommodate

All the love and care that I put into baking
for family and friends goes into what I
bake for you.  So I hope you'll try our

- Beth
2 pound tray of mixed cookies
Call or e-mail us with any
questions or special requests,
or to place your order today!
Banana Chocolate Chip Muffins
E-mail us at:  info@bethsbakedgoods.com
or call
(917) 209-3228
See our Price List for full
product listing and information
on prices and packaging.
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What We Make
We make cookies, muffins,
brownies, cakes, cupcakes,
cheesecakes ... and so much more.  
"Regular", gluten-free, vegan,
sugar-free...any way you want it.

Take a look at our
Price List.  If
you don't see what you were
looking for, call or e-mail us.  Just
because it isn't listed doesn't
mean we don't make it.  We
couldn't possibly list everything!
A note to tell you I received the
muffins and cookies I ordered,
and they arrived fresh and
delicious! We have some very
good bakeries here in Marina del
Rey and in Beverly Hills, but I
find your product superior to
anything I've tasted locally.  I'll
be ordering a large quantity as
gifts at Christmastime, and will
be in touch soon with a 'regular'
order, which I plan to do
Thanks for your nice service.

Alis B.
Marina del Rey, California