Specialty Items
In addition to our regular items, we make several
specialty items.  These include:

    Black Bottom Cupcakes (chocolate cupcakes with
      cheesecake & mini-chocolate chip filling)
    Banana Loaf or Bread (we can add chips or walnuts)
    Sour Cream Chocolate Chip Crumb Cake (pictured)
    Corn Bread
    Carrot Cake with cream cheese icing (we can add
    Chocolate Pudding Pie (for local deliveries only)
    Thumbprint Cookies (choose filling - apricot,
      strawberry, others)
    Crispy Treats (regular or chocolate)
    Irish Soda Bread (pictured)
    Jewish Holiday items (Challah, Honey Cake,
    Macaroons, Rugelach, Hamantashen, and more.  
    Click to see our Jewish Holiday Items.
    Assorted items for various holidays

We also bake gluten-free and sugar-free products.
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